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Environment and ResponsibilitY

Nordic Souvenir AB - has developed guidelines for our suppliers in a so-called code of conduct. This is based on the UNCRC and the ILO Convention on working conditions and labor rights . This is because we must be sure that our souvenirs are manufactured under good working conditions.

In general, Nordic Souvenir demands on their suppliers to comply with all local laws and behave in a responsible and ethical manner regarding the relationship with the employees, environmental and safety awareness.


we don't accept child labour

No employee may be younger than the minimum age for employment. All statutory limitations for employees under 18 must be followed. This according to ILO Conventions 138 and 182, as well as with UN Child Convention.

Employee safety is a priority

Employee safety is a priority. We demand that it should always be possible to vacate the premises during working hours, that there shall be clearly labelled emergency exits located at all floors.

It should be evacuation plans and fire prevention. Buildings and equipment are not to be substandard, and the employer must actively work to prevent accidents and injuries.

Any housing shall be entirely separate from the workplace with separate entrance, and subject to the same safety standards as the workplace. The residents shall have full access to their homes.

We will have a local environmental permits

The company must have local environmental permit and this should be followed. Any of chemicals must follow ILO Convention 170 on safety data and appropriate labeling and instructions must be located at the relevant languages. Sewage and hazardous waste must at least meet local statutory requirements.

Collective bargaining is important

The right to organize freely in any organization the individual wishes and to bargain collectively is important. We do not accept that workers be penalized or discriminated against in any way that he joins an organization in a peaceful way is there to safeguard employees' statutory rights. (ILO Convention 87,98,135 )

All workers have the right to receive a written employment agreement, where working conditions are shown, in a language the worker understands.

We accept no abusive treatment

We accept no abusive treatment of employees, whether verbal, physical, psychological or sexual.

No employee shall be discriminated against in the recruitment and division of labor on the basis of race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, pregnancy, belief, political opinion, disability (ILO Convention 100, 111).

Everyone should be treated equally

Migrant workers shall have the same terms of employment as domestic staff. The employer shall bear all kinds of commissions and fees that may be charged in connection with the migrant worker is employed. The employer may not require the employee to deposit their passports/ID documents or other security.

Right salary with the right benefits

Our minimum requirement is that the employer pay the legal minimum wage, or salary laid down in collective/sectoral agreements. For this, all other statutory benefits and allowances deleted. Statutory rights to paid leave, parental leave and sick leave shall be followed.

No unreasonable deductions may be made. Written salary specifications shall always be provided to the employee.

Regular working hours and overtime hours shall not exceed the statutory maximum limit. Overtime shall always be voluntary and statutory compensation deleted.
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