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our history


1978 began when the young Peter Zollner employee of the company who Allan Flink started in 1939. Then they sold woven and embroidered badges with tourist facilities in the mountains. Peter worked hard, but also had the dream to change and innovate, not only the company but the entire industry.

With experience in the back Peter bought the company in 1985 and refocused the company to souvenirs. Thirty years ago, Peter made his first buying trip to Asia and since then over the years, he made over forty trips. In 2010 the company changed its name to what it is called today, Nordic souvenirs.

By shortening lead times and start trading directly from the factories Nordic Souvenir could start offering a wider range than before, start making customized souvenirs and keep a larger stock to speed up their supplies.

Today Nordic Souvenir is the largest player in the north in its sector, with 10,000's of products in the range and the annual turnover is over 35 million. Over 20 full time employees ensures you quality, service and stability. But the journey does not end here, Nordic Souvenir will always seek to discover exciting new markets and continue to develop new and better products.

our own artist

With its own full-time artist, Nordic Souvenir offer customers highly unique productions that create a more personal profiling.

Upon customer order, our artist Marja Elverstig can both paint motifs that are handmade for each specific product, but can also make print originals which then are printed on various products. Marja paints directly on the ordering of customers but also develops in-house product range that is sold all over Scandinavia.

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